Residential Projects

Bray Constructions high-quality workmanship is showcased within the residential projects gallery below. Bray Constructions residential services include new homes, extensions and large home transformations. The project gallery showcases a range of different designs, styles and materials. Bray Constructions core services are listed here.

Residential Home Builders Projects

It’s essential to understand the different ways you, the homeowner, can work with home builders to customize your home if you’re considering a residential project of your own. You can get a better idea of the kinds of residential projects we’ve done here at Bray Constructions, including the unmatched level of expertise we offer all of our clients.

Two-Story Extensions

If you’re running out of space and want to expand, we have completed countless two-story extensions to create the room you need, along with complete home renovations to ensure the new extension and your existing home have a cohesive look and feel throughout.

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Home Renovations

A complete renovation of your home may include elements like a new kitchen with concrete bench’s and a butler’s pantry, laundry, and bathroom to balance the build. All of this will undoubtedly lead to you enjoying a seamless home that is impossible to distinguish old from new areas.

Home Extensions

A home extension allows you to quickly add more bedrooms, office space, or any other living space you feel your home may need. Often the plans you have in mind won’t fit into your original living spaces; that’s when a home extension comes into play.

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Major Home Transformations

Home transformations often mean that the finished product is unrecognisable from what stood before, despite leaving much of the original structure in place. Transform your home from a dated dwelling into an example of luxurious, modern family living. 

New Homes

We’re interested in new home projects with no design or construction challenges standing in our way. If your space is tight and won’t allow machines, we’ll find a way to move materials in and out by hand. Everyone should be able to enjoy the comfort of today’s modern living.

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Interior Design

Luxury home builders from Bray Constructions work closely alongside interior designers to cover various styles, innovative ideas, and product knowledge. For us, it is critical to ensure all design items work together, complement each other, are available, and fit inside the budget.

Why Choose Bray Constructions

Bray Constructions is known for repeatedly exceeding customers' expectations and has grown primarily on the strength of recommendations from those customers. A family-owned and operated company, the mission of Bray Constructions is to construct smart, stunning extensions, renovations, and new homes of the highest quality.

With this background and a commitment to excellence, Bray Constructions continues to provide building and construction services. So, if you have any home renovation needs, turn to the experts at Bray Constructions to turn your dreams into reality.

If you’re in the Bayside area or Melbourne's South Eastern suburbs of Glen Iris or Malvern and have been considering a large-scale home renovation or extension, get in touch with the team at Bray Constructions today!

Custom Renovations with Bray Constructions

Every home is customised to some degree, whether you’re choosing a paint colour for your walls or a new home design from a catalogue or list. A home is what you decide to make it.

Custom renovations of your home with Bray Constructions are an exciting process. Work on a new design ‘from scratch,” or pull from inspiration from our galleries. Whatever you prefer to do, we’re happy to provide our expertise along the way.

Contact Bray Constructions today to learn more about the wide range of services that we provide.

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