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At Bray Constructions we have a proud history of ongoing, mutually successful relationships with many of our trade subcontractors and suppliers. We consider these long-lasting trade relationships, some stretching to more than 20 years, to be a great asset of our business and we work hard to ensure continuity of service across the board. Knowing that we can rely on these contractors to provide our expected level of quality craftsmanship and service is important to us in delivering top quality homes to our clients.

Time changes many things however and particularly while our business continues to grow, we often have cause to engage new contractors for all manner of construction work, from concreting to roofing, from carpentry to plumbing, from demolition to floor and wall tiling, plastering, rendering, painting and electrical work - practically all facets of the construction process.

Inside our commitment to maintaining high levels of quality and professionalism, as well as ensuring that all OHS requirements are met, we ask that contractors seeking to work with us download the form below and ensure that you are willing and able to fulfill each requirement. Assuming you are able to fulfill those requirements, return the completed form to our office by post and we will contact you on your preferred number to discuss your possible participation further.