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Bray Constructions Interior Design Process

At Bray Constructions, we offer Bayside design and construct services to homeowners every step of the way. Whether working with home renovations or brand new builds, our team is eager to help create the home of your dreams. Interior design is just one of the many core building services we offer at Bray Constructions. So, if you have been searching for “renovation and extension designers near me,” look no further!

Keep reading to learn more about the Bray Constructions interior design process and how it can help you.

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Bayside Design and Construct Services by Bray Constructions

Working alongside Bray Constructions contractors, our team of interior designers cover a wide array of product knowledge, innovative ideas and products, and design styles.

Here at Bray Constructions, we understand that it is critical to ensure all design items are available, complement one another, work together harmoniously and stay within the agreed-upon budget. Our understanding of this concept allows us to save you time and money through our professional assistance.

Here’s a closer look at what you can expect when working with the interior design team at Bray Constructions.

Interior Design Process

Our interior design process can be broken down into a four-step process. The interior designers assigned to your project will work closely with you, ensuring you’re well informed throughout the entire process.

Remember that while every project has its own pre-determined timeline, this four-step design process will give you a glimpse into how the project will progress.

1. Meet

Much like with any of the Bray Constructions services, the first step of the interior design process is to meet to discuss your vision for the project. During this part of the process, designers will have the opportunity to get to know you a little better, including what you like and, most importantly, what inspires you.

2. Design

Once the design team has spent time with you and has a clearer understanding of your hopes and expectations for your space, it’s time for them to get to work. During this step of the process, the Bray Constructions Bayside design and construct team’s expertise gets to flourish. Designers will send mood boards and other details over until everything has been confirmed.

3. Hold Tight

When the items have been selected, it’s time to sit tight as the interior design team works tirelessly in the background putting together quotes and proposals while also managing orders and deliveries. For homeowners, this part of the process can feel slow. But, trust us when we say we work as quickly as we can to ensure your costs are as low as possible.

4. Reveal

Lastly comes the most exciting part of the process for both homeowners and designers - the big reveal! The grand finale is the moment everyone has been waiting for. But, keep in mind this portion is the installation. Out with the old, and in with the new so you can sit back and relax in your brand new space!

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Benefits of Working With Bray Constructions Interior Designers

While some homeowners have a knack for designing themselves, others struggle with it, making working with interior designers a no-brainer. But, beyond the design expertise they have to offer, working with the Bray Constructions Bayside design and construct team comes with its own set of advantages.

Maximising Investment

If you think you might be interested in selling your home later on down the line, increasing the resale value will be incredibly important to you. Working with Bray Constructions' interior design team will ensure a visually pleasing home and ultimately boost the resale value of your home.

Eliminating Stress

Renovating existing homes or building from the ground up are both incredibly stressful processes. Whether you’re working on an entire house or a renovation or extension to an existing area within your home, designing the space is another project management aspect that adds stress that is not necessary for homeowners. Bray Constructions interior designers act as liaisons with suppliers to help ensure everything is running smoothly.

Avoiding Expensive Mistakes

Working with Bray Constructions Bayside design and construct team means that your margin of error will be significantly reduced in fixing preventable mistakes that can easily blow your design budget. Before it’s too late, our interior design team is trained to identify any potential errors from the start.

Saving Money

We recommend working with the Bray Constructions Bayside design and construct team to suit your comfort and budget requirements. Our designers have access to competitive pricing through trade discounts on everything from home decor to furniture to kitchen appliances. Choose expertly selected items that reign superior in quality without blowing your budget.

Why Choose Bray Constructions

Bray Constructions is known for repeatedly exceeding its customer's expectations and has grown primarily on the strength of recommendations from those customers. A family-owned and operated company, the mission of Bray Constructions is to construct smart, stunning extensions, renovations, and new homes of the highest quality.

With this background and a commitment to excellence, Bray Constructions continues to provide building and construction services. So, if you have any home renovation needs, turn to the experts at Bray Constructions to turn your dreams into reality.

If you’re looking for Brighton or Bayside design and construct assistance, get in touch with the team at Bray Constructions today to discuss your options!

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