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Should I Renovate my House Or Buy a New Home?

The real estate market is seeing growth like never before, which is why at Bray Constructions, the best home builders Bayside Melbourne offers, we’re here to show you why you should reconsider purchasing a new home in today’s market.

Between the rising interest rates and the high cost of stamp duty, purchasing a new home might not be ideal right now. With Melbourne properties up to $2M, attracting Stamp Duty alone of more than $100K, it may be worth taking a closer look at investing that money into your current home. Rather than buying a new house just to find it has as much to work on as your own home to make sure it’s suited for you and your family, now may be the time to make your current house your dream home.

If you’re already in your dream suburb, the smarter option is to renovate or extend your current home or even start from scratch on the land you’re already on. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of the reasons why renovating or extending is better than buying brand new right now.

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Control the Process

It’s not always the easiest thing to come by the top quality home builders Bayside Melbourne areas have to offer. Thankfully, you never have to worry about your home improvement projects with Bray Constructions. Ensure your home renovations or extensions stay on time, on track, and on budget as you rely on our team, with over 100 years of combined service.

Best of all, when you opt for renovations or extensions over buying, you have complete control of the process. It’s important that when you decide to partner with a builder that you decide on someone you can truly picture yourself working with, considering the scale of this project.

Add Value to Your Home

Your family home will be one of your greatest assets during your lifetime. Home extensions and renovations are an excellent way to add value to this asset. You can ensure your money is well spent with well-designed and constructed home extensions by Bray Constructions.

Increase the value of your home, whether you’re adding a first or second-story extension or completing a dream home renovation. When it comes to choosing a builder to decide whether you should add value to your home, it’s worth thinking about finding one that knows the area well. This knowledge will help ensure you are not over capitalizing on your project and actually investing in what’s best for your area.

Find Greater Enjoyment in Your Home

Anyone who has lived in an impractical layout will greatly appreciate the transformation home renovations and extensions can bring to a house. A home that has been given a fresh lease on life can provide tremendous lifestyle benefits to your entire family.

When you decide to work with a builder to get more out of your home, make sure they have the experience to shed light on the best ways to reconfigure your house, how to bring the outside in, or make the bedrooms more functional.


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Deal with Less Fuss

Home renovations allow you to improve upon the house you’re already in rather than being bothered with searching for a new property that checks all the boxes. Often, this means less stress, effort, and cost on your end.

While building work is underway on your home renovation, find a builder who holds tight to timelines and keeps disruption to a minimum. 

Save on Costs

When you need more space or a different layout, a new build or buying a bigger house is not always the most cost-effective solution. Adding home extensions will help you save on relocation expenses, which quickly add up. Some of these costs include:

  1. Real estate fees
  2. Legal bills
  3. Stamp duty
  4. Moving costs 
  5. Add Your Personal Touch

With Bray Constructions, you can unleash your personality on your home through custom builder home renovations. You’ll have the ability to decide on every last detail, from the design style to the number of bedrooms. For homeowners looking to add their personal touch, the home renovation process can be addictive, exciting, and deeply exhilarating.

Custom Home Renovations by Bray Constructions

If you’re looking for a builder that can give you complete control over the process and provide their expertise with you and your vision in mind, look no further than Bray Constructions. Whether you’re choosing to knock down a wall or add an extension, every home renovation is customised to your liking. Your dream home is what you decide to make it.

When you choose to work with Bray Constructions, you can be rest assured that you are not overcapitalising on your home and are investing in the things that will truly add value and functionality. Your home will be laid out in a way that makes sense for you and your family.

It’s with our 100+ years of combined experience in working in Melbourne’s South eastern suburbs that we have been able to successfully partner with homeowners and help them turn their house into their dream home without having to move.

Custom home renovations for your home with Bray Constructions is an exciting process all the way through. Work on a new design ‘from scratch’, or pull from inspiration from our galleries. Whatever you prefer to do, we’re happy to provide our expertise along the way.

Contact Bray Constructions, the best home builders Bayside Melbourne has seen, today to learn more about the wide range of services that we provide, including our home renovations.

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